Sunday, April 12, 2009

How it all began

What possible reason could make a mild mannered individual such as myself create a blog devoted entirely to the raw power of It all began with an exchange between myself and my fellow hard hitting reporter Forman, and it began with an email.

Before this email I was much like the rest of the country: checking on a pseudo-regular basis, but only really when I knew something already happened. And then behold. In my inbox I received an email, the subject line read: " is great." I opened up the email to see what golden fruits lay within. And there sat quite possibly the greatest and most thought provoking piece of news I have ever seen... something that would make me want to return to again and again for as long as I live. The headline, on September 2, 2008:

Racoon rips holes in wall, grabs food.

What pure, simple brilliance. It all made sense now! OF COURSE a racoon would grab the food... all the pieces fit. The holes in the wall, the missing food, the nature of a racoon to do exactly that... I have been following the journalistic integrity of ever sense.

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